1EdTech GLC:1EdTech Consortium Invites North American Higher EducationInstitutions to Participate in the Annual Learning Technology Satisfaction and Trends Survey (LearnSAT)

1EdTech Consortium Invites North American Higher Education  Institutions to Participate in the Annual Learning Technology Satisfaction and Trends Survey (LearnSAT)

To better serve Higher Education learning technology professionals in a market that continues to rapidly evolve and expand, LearnSAT now surveys 22 learning technology product and service categories.  Additionally, the revised LearnSAT provides a more dynamic survey instrument, enabling respondents to complete the survey in one or multiple sittings and the ability to structure the survey based on respondents’ areas of interest and expertise.

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21 November 2008 – Lake Mary, FL. -- The nonprofit 1EdTech Consortium (1EdTech GLC) today announced the launch of LearnSAT 2008 and invites North American Higher Education institutions to participate.  1EdTech GLC also invites learning technology product and service providers as well as higher education institutions to promote this survey within their client base and with peer institutions, respectively.
The 1EdTech GLC LearnSAT is the North American higher education community's number one source for satisfaction and trends in the use of technology to support learning.  This survey enables respondents to rate up to 22 categories of learning technology products and services at the class and product-specific level.  The information gathered from this survey and resultant report helps to inform the learning technology marketplace in two key areas:

  1. Learning Technology Adoption Trends:  What types of learning technologies are being used and planned for, and by whom and what trends are evolving?
  1. End-user Satisfaction with Learning Technology Products and Services – Informing the Marketplace

Consumer/learning technology end-user:  How are peers ranking LT products/services to inform end-user purchases and adoption?
Product/Service Provider:  How does the Market perceive their offerings?

To review the previous LearnSAT report, see:  /LearnSat/index.html

There are two ways to participate in LearnSAT, depending on how much time you are willing to spend and whether you would like your organization to become a “panel member” (ongoing participant in longitudinal research) or partake in the “quick rating” of a single or multiple categories of learning technologies.

  1. Panel Participation:  Qualified individuals involved in the leadership or technical support of an online learning, blended, or web-supported initiative may become panel members. Panel members provide information on their initiative and are given the opportunity to rate products and services. Panel members are invited back via email to participate on an annual basis. Participating in the panel survey may require 30 minutes or longer of total time (which can be completed in increments). Panel participants can choose to select which of the 22 product/survey categories they feel qualified to rate. Panel members receive a copy of the survey results with their responses highlighted, usually in March. You will find this information invaluable. For past report, see: /LearnSat/index.html


  1. Quick Rating Participation (non-panel): Qualified individuals who have experience with one or more learning technology categories of products and services may choose one or more, brief 3-5 minute surveys based on their interest. The category names are self-explanatory. While you will not qualify for a copy of the survey results, you will be contributing to the next version of the public report. To review the previous LearnSAT report, see: /LearnSat/index.html

To learn more about LearnSAT and/or take the survey, see /LearnSat/index.html
Institutions and learning technology product and service providers are encouraged to publish this link to help promote the LearnSAT survey and reporting activities, /LearnSat/index.html

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