1EdTech Consortium Announces Conformance Certification for Learning Tools Interoperability v1.1 with Learning Outcomes

1EdTech Consortium Announces Conformance Certification for Learning Tools Interoperability v1.1 with Learning Outcomes

Widely Used Technical Standard for Interoperable Educational Applications Finalizes Conformance for Latest Version

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Lake Mary, Florida, USA – 1 May 2012 – 1EdTech Consortium today announced conformance certification for the latest version of one of its most widely adopted technical standards: Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI). LTI provides a common way to plug applications into learning management software or other learning platforms. It replaces custom APIs (application programming interfaces) required for each such platform, thereby reducing the number of custom integrations required for application developers, learning platforms and IT (information Technology) support staff. LTI provides a rapid and safe way to integrate innovative learning applications and content for seamless access by students and teachers, handling launching, single sign-on authorization and passing of context information.

LTI v1.1 enables interoperable passing of learning outcomes data. This means that the learning platform can provide a single place for teachers and students to see results information across a wide set of learning tools and content used within a course or across a degree program, making it easier to assess progress in an actionable way.

A large number of suppliers have been shipping the outcomes feature for about 12 months now, but conformance certification for 1EdTech supported by the 1EdTech community has just recently been finalized.

1EdTech conformance certification for LTI is supported by the 1EdTech Common Cartridge & LTI Alliance at 1EdTech is leading a 1-day workshop on May 17 in Toronto on implementing Common Cartridge and LTI in conjunction with the Learning Impact conference: 1EdTech certified products are listed at

"LTI has broken down the barriers to rapid, safe and seamless integration and is enabling very large deployments of innovative e-textbooks and learning tools in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost prior to LTI,” commented Dr. Rob Abel, Chief Executive of 1EdTech "Now with outcomes support we are looking forward to breaking down the barriers to data that can help faculty, students and institutions achieve better results.”

Statements of commitment to LTI v1.1:

“After seeing a growing need from our customers to seamlessly integrate ALEKS with their Leaning Management Systems, we have committed to interoperability and LTI conformance.  As a measure of this commitment, ALEKS is the first learning tool to achieve LTI 1.1 conformance. We are pleased to have taken this step early and effectively, so that our customers can focus on implementing ALEKS at their institutions, and minimize the time and distraction of addressing interoperability issues.” - Nicolas Thiery, Chief Technology Officer

“1EdTech has done a tremendous job leading the development of new standards that make education technology more powerful for users,” said Jessica Finnefrock, Senior Vice President of Product Development, Blackboard Learn. “We are pleased to partner with 1EdTech in the definition and implementation of new standards such as 1EdTech Basic LTI. Our Basic LTI certification creates a great opportunity for commercial and client developers to reduce the cost of development of new tools and, of course, increases the number of rich educational tools for faculty and students. We look forward to continuing our work to promote the adoption and use of the LTI standard and LTI tools across the industry.”

" is an Open Education Resource for teaching and learning college-level General Chemistry.  We are proud to be a certified LTI v1.1 learning tool provider because it assures our students and instructors of the most robust and reliable integration with their LMS." - Chuck Wight, Founder and CEO

Desire2Learn Incorporated
"Desire2Learn continues to push forward with a standards-based approach to integrating rich content and learning tools with our learning platform.  LTI v1.1 will allow for deeper out-of-the-box integrations with the many great extensions available, extending and complementing our product suite for a more personalized environment.” - Jeremy Auger, CTO and Executive VP

"Global 1EdTech Common Cartridge and LTI compliance is crucial for the sustainability and future of open source Learning Management Systems,” says Lou Pugliese, Moodlerooms Chairman and CEO. “Moodlerooms is committed to making sure the 45 million user open source Moodle community is empowered with tools to facilitate flexible interoperability with content and technology applications critical in providing effective learning outcomes. Maintaining the interoperability ensured by 1EdTech standards compliance continues to be central to our company vision.” IMathAS
“LTI 1.1 finally makes it possible to easily integrate IMathAS’s rich math assessment capabilities into LMS platforms, with scores returned to the LMS, creating a seamless experience for students.  Combined with CC 1.1, an entire course set of homework assignments can easily be imported and embedded into an LMS with only a few clicks.  It’s like magic.” -David Lippman

Open source plug ins are available from OSCELOT to add LTI 1.1 support for Blackboard Learn 9.0+ and WebCT 8.  These allow customers to take advantage of this functionality on platforms for which LTI is not supported by Blackboard, or before Blackboard makes it available for the release of the product they are currently using. 

Pebble Learning PebblePad
Pebble learning are delighted to announce that the new version of their Personal Learning Space, PebblePad3 being released in June this year will support LTI 1.1 as both a tool provider and a consumer. Development Director Shane Sutherland said, "LTI perfectly services the needs of our customers to integrate PebblePad with other tools in their learning ecology. Developing PebblePad as both a tool provider and a consumer supports the diversity of use across our client base, and makes us much more agile as those ecologies evolve." PebblePad will also utilise common cartridge for exported eportfolio items, allowing user generated content to be reused in other compliant systems.

Penn State ANGEL
“Digital content integration is made easy with 1EdTech standards.  We've initiated collaborations with various publishers to allow seamless access to external learning content from courses within ANGEL via Basic Learning Tools Interoperability (BLTI).  We definitely look forward to reaping the benefits of LTI V1.1. Build once, use many" is the right way to go.” - Terence N. O'Heron, Program Manager, ANGEL (Course Management System), Teaching and Learning with Technology (ITS)

Plato Learning, Inc.
“As schools and districts become more sophisticated in implementing online learning programs, PLATO is committed to providing the technical flexibility they need by allowing them to integrate PLATO’s content and data into their existing Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Student information Systems (SIS).” - Andy Frost, Vice President of Product Management


"At Questionmark, we are committed to the adoption of technical standards through our Open Assessment Platform initiative. The LTI v1.1 specification will help us provide a seamless user experience to customers delivering assessments through their LMS or portal and significantly speed up the deployment of new applications." - Steve Lay, Integration Product Owner

Susan Evans, CEO of SoftChalk LLC said, "SoftChalk will be officially announcing a new content authoring platform, SoftChalk Cloud, in early June. The LTI 1.1 standard with  support for outcomes  has enabled us to offer gradebook integration between our platform and a wide variety of LMS systems 'out of the gate'. We have been beta testing the system integration during the past several months, and SoftChalk users are very excited about the ability to create and store content outside of an LMS, yet embed content and report scores directly into their LMS gradebook.   We're thrilled with how quickly and easily we were able to implement this level of interoperability using LTI 1.1."

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya is developing LTI integrations for Mahara, Elgg, Wordpress, MediaWiki, Tandem, LangBlog,, Vanilla2, Question2Answer and Shapado.  "Interoperabilty has been a key concern in UOC since 2008. LTI provide us with a global, widely-adopted solution for improving our learning services and experience." - Llorenç Valverde, VP Technology

VitalSource Bookshelf®
“1EdTech Consortium’s LTI standards have helped us simplify the way that learning management systems interact with our VitalSource e-textbook platform, and the newest 1.1 release provides us with comprehensive outcome support tools that will help us feed valuable and relevant data back to institutions from the newest generation of interactive books,” said Rick Johnson, Chief Technology Officer, Vital Source Technologies, Inc., an Ingram Content Group company.  “LTI standards are transforming our industry, and VitalSource is pleased to support 1EdTech in their efforts.”

WebPA is an open source peer assessment tool.  For the first time, institutions are able to have the grades awarded in WebPA recorded in the LMS without the need for any bespoke integrations.  LTI 1.1, together with the memberships extension for Basic LTI, provides a complete solution for the deployment of WebPA within on-line courses. The LTI extension module for WebPA is available from OSCELOT.

About 1EdTech Consortium (1EdTech)
1EdTech is a nonprofit organization that advances technology that can affordably scale and improve educational participation and attainment. 1EdTech members are leading suppliers, institutions and government organizations that are enabling the future of education by collaborating on interoperability and adoption initiatives. 1EdTech sponsors Learning Impact: A global awards program & conference to recognize the impact of innovative technology on educational access, affordability, and quality.