1EdTech Consortium Announces the e-Assessment Conformance Certification Challenge 2014 Award Winners

1EdTech Consortium Announces the e-Assessment Conformance Certification Challenge 2014 Award Winners


Award winners announced for the e-Assessment Certification Challenge to the 1EdTech APIP™ and QTI™ standards

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Lake Mary, Florida, USA – 15 April 2014 – The 1EdTech Consortium today announced the results of the first ever global e-assessment conformance certification challenge, acknowledging the leading e-assessment suppliers and products that successfully achieved certification to the 1EdTech Accessible Portable Item Protocol™ (APIP) v1.0 and Question and Test Interoperability™ (QTI) v2.1 standards.

Award winners were determined by a panel of evaluators consisting of the following end-users representing states and institutions:

  • Cheryl Alcaya, Supervisor, Minnesota Department of Education
  • Ray Baxter, Application Development Manager, WestEd
  • Trinnell Bowman, Program Manager, Division of Accountability, Assessment, and Data Systems, Maryland Department of Education
  • James D. Cornelius, Program Manager Online Assessment, Maryland Department of Education
  • Carsten Wilmes, Director of Assessment, WIDA Consortium

In addition to achieving certification to the standards, submissions were evaluated on the features and functionality supported and the impact of these products/solutions to improve access, affordability, and quality or digital assessments. The award winners by category are:


Educational Testing Service/Computerized Assessments and Learning TOMS v3.0.0.0 PNP system (APIP v1.0 PNP Core Compliant) and Sample Students’ Instances v1.0 (APIP v1.0 PNP Content Core Compliant)

Pacific Metrics Unity v1.9 (APIP v1.0 PNP Core Compliant, APIP v1.0 Item Test Bank Import Compliant)

Computerized Assessments and Learning Test Delivery system v2.3 (APIP v1.0 Delivery Entry Compliant)


BPS Bildungsportal Sachsen GmbH ONYX Testsuite v5.3.1 (QTIv2.1 Authoring Compliant, QTIv2.1 Delivery Compliant, QTIv2.1 Item Test Bank Compliant)

Northwest Evaluation Association Formative Assessment Item Bank v14.1 (QTI v2.1 Item Test Bank Compliant) and NWEA SCIP v14.1 (QTI v2.1 Content Compliant)

The winners will be honored and presented with their awards during the Learning Impact Awards ceremony at the 2014 Learning Impact Leadership Institute 5-8 May 2014 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

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