Program Manager's Update - Edu-API

Current status of Edu-API 

Join the Edu-API Project group in Nashville at Learning Impact 2022 for an extended project group meeting and a bootcamp where we go into all the details of the upcoming standard. Edu-API has released it's initial Candidate Final Draft Documents.  Active development work is ongoing in multiple parralel streams.  Having wrapped up the majority of data modeling discussions the group is working on refining the set of REST endpoints that will be in the MVP release of the specification.  The group anticipates the first candidate final revision to be released and reviewed at the IMS quarterly meeting in Atlanta at the end of February.  There is also a task force working on implementing Edu-API with a pub-sub architecture. 

Next steps:

  • finalization of controlled vocabularies (enumerations)
  • work on conformance requirements

How to get involved:

If you're interested in learning more or getting involved please contact the Technical Program Manager Joshua McGhee

You can find details about the Edu-API meeting schedule on the calendar, here

Task Force: