QTI v2.2 and QTI v3.0 Comparison

High-Level Comparison Between the Latest QTI Versions

1EdTech has developed standards that the assessment community worldwide is using to improve learning. Question and Test Interoperability® (QTI) is an open format that enables the interoperability of assessment items and tests. The latest version QTI 3.0 was released in May 2022.

QTI 3 is comprised of best practices from previous versions of QTI and APIP (Accessible Portable Item Protocol) improved and streamlined to provide a standard for presenting assessment content to accommodate all students' needs and preferences.
QTI v2.2 QTI v3.0
  • Basic support for HTML5
  • Accessibility available through the APIP specification
  • Addition of Shared Stimulus as a standard interaction
  • Better support for technology-enhanced items
  • Defined profiles for interoperability and certification
  • Improved interoperability and increased consistency of rendering assessment content
  • Improved support for HTML5 and other web-friendly markup using web components
  • Shared vocabulary for standard presentation/display, including CSS for styling
  • Streamlined and integrated APIP & assessment accommodation features added to the full QTI specification
  • Better accessibility support incorporating W3C specifications and accessibility best practices
  • Computer Adaptive Testing natively supported to adjust to each student’s ability
  • Native support for Portable Custom Interactions (PCIs) or technology-enhanced items