QTI v2.2 and QTI v3.0 Comparison

High-Level Comparison Between the Latest QTI Versions

IMS Global has developed standards that the assessment community worldwide is using to improve learning. Question and Test Interoperability® (QTI) is an open format that enables the interoperability of assessment items and tests. The latest version of QTI is 3.0, scheduled for public release in March 2022.

QTI v3 is comprised of best practices from previous versions of QTI and APIP (Accessible Portable Item Protocol) improved and streamlined to provide a standard for presenting assessment content to accommodate all students' needs and preferences.
QTI v2.2 QTI v3.0
  • Basic support for HTML5
  • Accessibility available through the APIP specification
  • Addition of Shared Stimulus as a standard interaction
  • Better support for technology-enhanced items
  • Defined profiles for interoperability and certification
  • Improved interoperability and increased consistency of rendering assessment content
  • Full support for HTML5 and other web-friendly markup using web components
  • Shared vocabulary for standard presentation/display, including CSS for styling
  • Streamlined and integrated APIP & assessment accommodation features added to the full QTI specification
  • Better accessibility support incorporating W3C specifications and accessibility best practices
  • Computer Adaptive Testing natively supported to adjust to each student’s ability
  • Native support for Portable Custom Interactions or technology-enhanced items