eAssessment Alliance

eAssessment Alliance


The eAssessment Alliance is a community of suppliers, vendors, and organizations committed to the development and adoption of interoperability standards, such as Question and Test Interoperability® (QTI®) and Accessible Portable Item Protocol® (APIP®) specifications. The Alliance offers an online engagement with experts from other member organizations, IMS staff, and a library of resources shared by the participants. 

Joining the eAssessment Alliance provides tremendous leverage because it is low cost and the resources made available through the Alliance are highly subsidized by the IMS Contributing Member organizations. Joining the Alliance is a great way to show your support for the work of IMS without a large expenditure of money or resources.

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Conformance Certification for QTI and APIP

Membership in the eAssessment Alliance is the only way to achieve official IMS conformance certification to the QTI and APIP standards. The reason for this is that IMS will only stand behind the interoperability of products that have gone through the rigorous IMS process, agree to be part of an ongoing community that will troubleshoot interoperability issues, and evolve the specifications and testing scenarios to meet market needs. Digital content, assessment systems or applications, and item/test banks must pass conformance certification testing to be listed on the official IMS website at Conformance Certification Status.

Conformance certification for QTI v2.x and APIP v1.x is available or being developed for the following profiles. Additional profiles will be added according to the needs and requirements of the IMS assessment community.

Profile Description
QTIv2.1 ASI Base A general purpose certification that comprises all features and interactions of QTI as elective.
QTIv2.1 Summative Entry Conformance for Delivery Systems that process Tests used for 'Summative' assessment (this is equivalent to APIP Entry minus the accessibility features).
QTIv2.1 Formative Entry Conformance for Delivery Systems that process Tests based upon QTIv2.1 (this is equivalent to the Common Cartridge profile for QTIv2.1).
QTIv2.1 Core Conformance for Delivery Systems that process Tests based upon QTIv2.1 (this is equivalent to the Common Cartridge profile but with all of the prohibited features made Elective).
DEP Dutch Exam Profile based on QTI v2.1 for testing requirements of the Dutch Ministry of Education, College voor Examens.
APIP Entry The entry level APIP conformance (this is equivalent to the Common Cartridge profile). Entry level conformance also permits the set of implementation Electives.
APIP Core This is the level of conformance that IMS recommends should be adopted by APIP systems.
APIP PNP Entry This is the set of entry level APIP PNP requirements for a Preferences System producing or processing PNP instances.
APIP PNP Core This is the level of conformance to which IMS recommends that all APIP PNP systems should aspire.


QTI and APIP conformance certification is based on officially approved profiles and is offered for the following systems and instances.QTI/APIP Conformance

The QTI/APIP Accredited Profile Management Group (APMG) is the IMS member group that approves and maintains the QTI and APIP conformance certification profiles and process. While conformance certification provides a "seal" for passing prescribed tests, it is much more than that. It is a commitment by a supplier to the IMS community for ongoing support for achieving "plug and play" integration. Therefore, certification implies ongoing community commitment to resolve problems, revise implementations and retest as need. Therefore, only IMS Contributing Members, Affiliate Members and QTI/APIP Alliance Members are eligible to apply for conformance certification.

The online validation tool for validating individual items or tests against the various profiles is made freely available for community use. To begin conformance certification now, sign into the QTI/APIP Alliance.

More information about conformance and the relationship between QTI and APIP is available in the following Assessment Primer document:

Conformance Mark

IMS Conformance LogoThose products that have passed the conformance certification tests and received IMS issued registration numbers are eligible to display the IMS Certified Logo. Visit the current registrations page to determine the exact certification.

Organizations procuring QTI or APIP products are strongly encouraged to require IMS conformance certification for all such products to ensure the highest levels of interoperability are achieved across the educational community. Products that have achieved conformance certification are listed and updated at Conformance Certification Status.

Alliance Activities

In addition to notices issued by IMS Global Learning Consortium (e.g., press releases or the IMS Member Dispatch), the Alliance exploits these communication channels:

  1. eAssessment Forums: These are where much of the exciting work among IMS member organizations takes place. The forums are actively supported by IMS staff. Current topics in the forums include:
    1. Announcements & discussion of alliance activities
    2. Discussion of implementation and testing issues relating to achieving compliance
    3. Discussion area for all things relating to QTI
    4. Discussion area for all things relating to APIP
    5. Learn about the IMS Product Directory, how to find products, add your product, and locate conformance
  2. eAssessment Alliance website: offers a public area to access the specifications and the testing resources, as well as introductory information on APIP and the conformance program. The participants area provides access to:
    1. a wider range of APIP tools, test data and sample packages
    2. a corresponding area dedicated to the QTI specification
    3. details of the conformance program
  3. Member-only Webinars & Workshops: Hands-on and informational update sessions, both virtual and at IMS scheduled meetings throughout the year.
  4. Testfest: These events are co-located with the IMS quarterly meetings and the annual Learning Impact conference. Testfests are often open to the public, offering an opportunity for newcomers to get a taste of the Alliance activities and meet other participants. The meetings provide a platform for demonstrating new implementations of APIP, conducting ad-hoc interoperability testing and discussing common issues.
  5. eAssessment News Update: An occasional publication distributed to Contributing Members, Affiliate Members, Alliance participants and the IMS Community, offering news on events, new tools available and adoption activities.


  • Encourage supply of open standards based compatible products and services in the marketplace
  • Facilitate adoption of QTI and APIP products by a worldwide community of education and training organizations
  • Provide tools and content to enable interested organizations to develop QTI and APIP-enabled products that meet the conformance requirements set out by the IMS Global membership.

Benefits of eAssessment Alliance Membership

  • Participation in the support community for implementation of QTI or APIP.
  • Participation in the conformance community for implementation of QTI or APIP.
  • Participate in the QTI Evolution & Certification Committee which manages the maintenance, evolution, and new release of these specifications and related profiles (note: voting in the ECC is restricted to IMS Contributing Members).
  • QTI and APIP news updates of new tools and meetings and a discussion forum.
  • Listing as an Alliance member on IMS Global website.
  • Use of eAssessment Alliance logo on web and in literature.
  • Ability to use relevant IMS trademarked terms on your web site and marketing materials in accordance with IMS guidelines
  • Opportunity to participate in eAssessment Alliance presence at conferences and exhibitions.
  • Discounted registration fees for Learning Impact Leadership Institute Conference.
  • Receipt of Member Dispatch – a members-only monthly newsletter

Join the eAssessment Alliance

Join the eAssessment Alliance and begin taking advantage of the benefits described above. Sign up now online.

Benefits of Certification


  • Buyers trust IMS as the neutral arbiter of truly interoperable products and content 
  • IMS certification designates passing a set of tests that will guarantee interoperability across the widest range of integrations - across a growing range of  100s of certified products
  • Certification requires extensive testing and is much better than claims of “compliance"
  • The IMS Certification process connects your organization to an community of technical resources making implentation of the standard easier
  • IMS certificaton provides a specific registraton number for a product to be used in responses to requests for proposals 
  • IMS certified products are backed by IMS technical support to troubleshoot any technical issues that may occur 
  • Organization achieving IMS certificaton can use the IMS certification logo in product and general marketing 
  • The IMS certification Alliance community provides continuous updates and involvement in the evolution of the standard and conformance testing 
  • Certification is included as a benefit of IMS membership: any number of products can be certified at no additional cost for each Alliance category or all categories for Affiliate or Contributing Members of IMS 
  • The IMS web site provides high traffic marketing exposure as the authoritative source for IMS certified products