2014 Learning Impact Report

2014 Learning Impact Report

The Learning Impact Awards competition was created in 2007 by 1EdTech to evaluate the use of technology in context at an educational institution based primarily on evidence of potential learning impact. Competition finalists are judged during the annual Learning Impact Leadership Institute. Judging focuses on understanding the application of technology to scale and systemically support evolving new educational models.As a result of this focus, the Learning Impact Awards (LIA) recognize effective uses of technology that have the potential to transform education. 
Award winners demonstrateimpact within a specific educational context

The LIAs identify potentially repeatable implementations of effective technology strategies and implementation practices that can help institutions and educational authorities achieve their goals, such as increasing access, creating personalized learning environments, improving student engagement, or improving student success.

Through analysis of the 2014 LIA winners, as well as the cumulative history of previous winners, this report is intended to help institutional leaders determine whether their institution, district or state has considered a wide range of potentially impactful technology innovations.

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