Join the TrustEd Apps Alliance

Join the TrustEd Apps Alliance

The IMS TrustEd Apps Alliance provides benefits to both suppliers and end-user organizations. By joining the Alliance, both suppliers and end-users will receive access to member-only reports of numerous vetted applications. The vetting report includes details on several criteria including Data Collected, Third-Party Data Sharing, Security, and Advertising.

Suppliers who join the Alliance will receive a once a year app-vetting review of their products. As part of the review, there will be a private, personalized meeting to go through your report highlighting areas for potential improvement and to clarify any questions regarding your policies that may be an area of uncertainty.

Suppliers who have products vetted by IMS Global, a trusted third-party source, increase your profile among institutions who are looking for assurances regarding data privacy and security.

End-user organizations will gain access to best practices and checklists providing guidance on choosing products that meet the data privacy and security expectations from K-12 and higher education institutions. Access to the app vetting reports can save time and money, safeguard against free apps violating student data privacy standards, and allow you to quickly build a dashboard of approved apps. The TrustEd Apps Alliance membership is only available for single schools, individual colleges, or universities. Districts and System memberships are not available.

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Benefits of the TrustEd Apps Alliance Membership

  • IMS will vet supplier-member products annually according to our rubric and post the results in our product directory.
  • Ability to see currently vetted products in the IMS product directory.
  • Promotion of your vetted products in the online product & services catalog for organizations that join and maintain membership in the Alliance.
  • Guidance on best practices for Privacy and Security considerations in applications.
  • Use of an approved product mark for appropriately vetted products in accordance with IMS guidelines (requires completing IMS certification testing provided).
  • TrustEd Apps and Data Privacy Certification work news updates.
  • Listing of support on the IMS Global website.
  • Notifications of new TrustEd Apps criteria and privacy changes.
  • Online support for end-user organizations regarding the use of vetted applications and checklists for purchasing products.

Annual Dues by Organization Type and Size $USD (see All Membership Levels)

Organization Type Organization Size App Vetting & Privacy Alliance
Suppliers by Annual Revenue +$50 million $2,500
+$10 million $1,500
-$10 million $750
-$1 million $350
Higher Education Institutions by Annual Operating Budget State System N/A
+$500 million $1,000
+$250 million $500
-$250 million $250
Individual Schools by Number of Students Served State Dept of Education N/A
+15,000 students $500
-15,000 students $250
-2500 students $100

*Note: There are infinite types and sizes of organizations around the world - many of whom do not fall into the defined categories above. Please contact us if you are wondering how your organization fits. 

App Vetting and Privacy Alliance


IMS App Vetting will help streamline our ability to thoroughly vet and evaluate the edtech apps we are using, or thinking of using, without having to perform the required tasks separately and on our own in isolation. As more organizations participate in the process by submitting reviews the more valuable IMS App Vetting results will be for everyone.

Nick Thompson

Nick Thompson

Assistant Director, Common Collaborative Learning Environment, UCLA

With the proliferation of cloud-based instructional tools, data privacy is a new and complex responsibility for K-12 school and higher ed staff. The IMS Global App Vetting profiles, which are based on an initial matrix with more criteria to be added in the future, are incredibly valuable for staff to quickly learn about providers' data protection policies and practices. The App Vetting profiles give instructional and technical staff critical data privacy information that is key to instructional resource adoptions.

Mark Walls

Mark Walls

Executive Director, Information Systems and Solutions, Gwinnett County Public Schools

The work IMS Global is doing to help institutions understand what quality (and poor) terms of service and privacy policies look like and what they mean for their students and institution is incredibly valuable and timely in this space, and we are very appreciative of it.

Adam Markowitz

Adam Markowitz

CEO, Portfolium