1EdTech Consortium Announces Release of OneRoster v1.1

1EdTech Consortium Announces Release of OneRoster v1.1 

Upgrade to Popular Standard Offers School Systems and Districts New Services for Formative and Summative Scores and Course Materials


LAKE MARY, Florida, 27 April 2017 — 1EdTech Consortium (1EdTech), the world leader in edtech interoperability and innovation, announced today the availability of OneRoster® v1.1, an upgrade that allows school districts and educators to more easily collect assessment results across digital curriculum products, associate students with digital course materials, and synchronize gradebooks across district systems. The upgrade is immediately available for implementation and certification testing.

The 1EdTech OneRoster and Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®) standards have revolutionized workflow in the digital classroom. 1EdTech developed OneRoster to alleviate the costly and time-consuming manual effort involved in updating student records and exchanging roster information. Extending the function of OneRoster v1.0, which automates rostering across multiple curriculum products, the latest OneRoster v1.1 standard adds services that transmit assessment results to the student information system and creates associations with digital course materials from a class or a course.

Education technology vendors and publishers that have achieved early conformance certification for OneRoster v1.1 include ClassLink, Classworks, McGraw-Hill Education, NetRef, Pearson Education, and Studies Weekly.

1EdTech conformance certification ensures the performance and validity of the OneRoster specification for districts planning to adopt it. “OneRoster v1.1 is a major breakthrough for those school districts and product developers that have found it challenging to get ‘data back’ from curriculum products and synchronize that data with the learning platform or student system,” said Dr. Rob Abel, chief executive officer, 1EdTech Consortium. “While the sophistication of the data will surely improve over time, OneRoster v1.1 will address many of the current challenges that frustrate faculty and IT.”

To further the adoption of OneRoster, 1EdTech established a product steering committee, coordinated by 1EdTech vice president of product management, Mark Leuba, which serves in an advisory role to inform and support the technical work by the 1EdTech community. 1EdTech Contributing Member organizations that form the OneRoster Product Steering Committee include ClassLink, Infinite Campus, Itslearning, Kimono, McGraw-Hill Education, Microsoft, Pearson Education, Performance Matters, Schoology, and Unicon.

To download the OneRoster v1.1 specification and related documents, go to

Statements on OneRoster from Leading EdTech Organizations

“The release of OneRoster v1.1 reflects a collaborative effort among school and industry leaders who are working together to serve the teachers and students everywhere. By further streamlining access to digital learning resources, this specification is fulfilling the mission of 1EdTech, and ClassLink is thrilled to be one of many important contributors to this effort.”
—George Perreault, chief academic officer, ClassLink
"We are committed to making Classworks open and accessible to our school and district partners. 1EdTech supports these improved digital learning experiences with interoperability standards like OneRoster v1.1 and Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI). As a proud member of the 1EdTech Consortium, we share the vision of a plug and play education technology ecosystem. The OneRoster specification is an important component of that vision."
—Jerry Henley, senior vice president of technology and development, Classworks
“McGraw-Hill Education remains deeply committed to supporting open standards that improve access to materials, increase efficiency and remove barriers for learners and educators. The new enhancements in OneRoster 1.1 serve as another important step forward in providing students and schools with seamless, elegant ecosystems, where digital tools and materials can be accessed quickly and easily. As proud members of 1EdTech, we are certified for OneRoster 1.0 and 1.1, and we share the organization’s ongoing commitment to offering the capabilities and components needed to deliver open, integrated education technology solutions.”
—Marisa Urbano, vice president of integrations and enabling services, McGraw-Hill Education
“Microsoft’s mission in education is to help our teachers and students to achieve more. School Data Sync creates online classrooms so that teachers and students can spend more time on what matters most, and we’re proud to support the 1EdTech OneRoster 1.1 standard. With OneRoster and School Data Sync, our customers and partners can enjoy standards-based enablement of richer learning experiences. We’ve been honored to serve on the OneRoster steering committee and are committed to the journey with 1EdTech, our customers, and partners.”
—Steve Liffick, Microsoft General Manager for School Data Sync, Microsoft
“Our clients expect all of their tools and service providers to work together. At Schoology we believe the best way to make that possible is by supporting and promoting open, industry-wide interoperability standards. As a member of the steering committee, we were an early adopter of the OneRoster standard. The 1.1 enhancement creates more opportunities for Schoology to make our clients' systems work together.”
—Ryan Hwang, vice president, product, Schoology


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