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1EdTech GLC Strategic Leadership Resources

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Resources posted in this section are concerned with improving student outcomes, retention, attainment, and, therefore, institutional or school district performance. Topics include items such as progress in curriculum standards, establishing and assessing meaningful learning outcomes, use of electronic portfolios, new methods to integrate formative and summative assessment, institutional reporting and analytics, and student/parent relationship management.

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1EdTech Learning Tools Interoperability Webinar – Update, July 2009, Type: Live webinar archive, Format: Wimba & PDF document of PowerPoint slides. View the Recording- Download the Slides
Summary: Join Dr. Charles Severance of 1EdTech as he describes the coming release of BasicLTI, a breakthrough standard (being adopted by leading suppliers such as Blackboard and Pearson) for web service application interfaces (APIs) that replace ALL of the special-purpose integrations required to make new learning applications and content seamless across your academic enterprise.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in Education - from Top to Bottom - View the Recording June 2007, Type: Live webinar archive, Format: Wimba.
Summary: Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle present their views on the role of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in education.