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IMS Alliances are for the purpose of ensuring interoperability in practice and keeping implementing organizations current on the evolution of a specific set of IMS standards. IMS Alliances provide organizations who want access to development resources, testing suites and conformance certification for a specific set of IMS standards to ensure reliable integrations with platforms. IMS provides Alliance members this support at a fraction of the cost of custom integrations and, most importantly, steps in on an ongoing basis to resolve issues that arise.

Under the Alliances, IMS provides extensive support to implement conformant products. When testing is completed, IMS issues a conformance certification mark that IMS stands behind. What this means is that IMS will get involved directly in any issues that arise and work across organizations to resolve. 

Joining in the Digital Credentials and Badging Alliance provides access to the development resources and certification for the Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) and Open Badges specifications. Becoming an IMS member is the only way to achieve official IMS conformance for these certifications. Conformance seals are only issued to and maintained with current IMS Alliance, Affiliate, and Contributing Members. IMS does this in order to deliver on interoperability in practice on an ongoing basis. This benefits large and small organizations alike in creating and maintaining a vital, innovative, and open marketplace for educational technology products!  The certification program is managed and evolved by current IMS Members. This creates the community ownership needed to achieve high levels of interoperability and earn the trust of buyers in interoperable products.  

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Benefits of Alliance Membership

  • Ability to apply for Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) and Open Badges Conformance Certification.
  • Promotion of certified products and services in the online Product Directory for organizations that join and maintain membership in the Alliance.
  • CLR and Open Badges news updates. 
  • Your organizations name is listed on the Members Page under the Alliance Members section to recognize your leadership as an IMS member.
  • Ability to use relevant IMS trademarked terms on your web site and marketing materials with prior approval from and in accordance with IMS guidelines.
  • Opportunity to tap into the developers network via the Digital Credentials and Open Badges Alliance Forums for discussion with peers to gain assistance with implementing a specific set of IMS standards.
  • Access to member-only development, testing and conformance resources.
  • Preferred early access to new test cases, changes and new release for the standards associated with your Alliance membership.
  • Online support to resolve integration and interoperability problems encountered with compliant products.
  • Ability to participate in the TrustED Apps Program.
  • Attend the annual virtual Technical Congress to get the latest overview and updates of all IMS technical activities and a preview of future IMS product development.
  • Attend member-only webinars and roundtable discussions.
  • Discounted registration fees for the Learning Impact Conference.
  • Technical support for end-user organizations implementing standards from IMS staff and other IMS members via online forums.
  • Online support for end-user organizations in including requirements for open standards in writing RFPs, tenders, and procurements.
  • Receipt of the IMS Members Dispatch, a members-only monthly newsletter.

Annual Dues by Organization Type and Size $USD (see All Membership Levels)

Organization Type Organization Size Digital Credentials and Badging Alliance
Suppliers by Annual Revenue +$50 million $9,500
+$10 million $6,000
-$10 million $4,000
-$1 million $2,000
Higher Education Institutions by Annual Operating Budget State System N/A
+$500 million $3,500
+$250 million $2,500
-$250 million $1,500
School Organizations by Number of Students Served State Dept of Education N/A
+15,000 students N/A
-15,000 students N/A
-2500 students N/A

*Note: There are infinite types and sizes of organizations around the world - many of whom do not fall into the defined categories above. Please contact us if you are wondering how your organization fits.