2017-Feb-16 OB Workgroup Minutes

2017-Feb-16 OB Workgroup Minutes

Open Badges Workgroup

16 February 2017



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Workgroup Chairs

Tim Cook

Mark Mercury

1EdTech Staff

Jeff Bohrer

Markus Gylling



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Charles Touron, Dan Hickey, David Leaser, Mark Mercury, Phil Long, Steve Gance, Tim Cook

Markus Gylling, Mark Leuba, Jeff Bohrer


  1. Welcome/introductions/announcements [Jeff B]

    • Please contact Jeff with your GitHub account to be added to the /openbadges team

    • Current effort underway to update and release 1.1 validator. Project to create 2.0 validator is in early stages. This workgroup will be needed to review and confirm requirements for 2.0 validator.

  2. Review Extensions issue #118 [Mark M, Steve G]

    • One minor edit was made

    • Markus gave demo on how to make edits and pull requests in GitHub

    • Discussion on whether current extensions are in scope to be approved by workgroup. Mark L mentioned that intention is to be less formal and more market driven through this process. Agreement that extension docs are not part of the docs that will go to Technical Advisory Board for approval.

  3. Review of new issues and recent work in GitHub [Markus G]

    • Published at

    • See closed issues in GitHub for details

    • Co-chairs called for a vote of approval to recommend this version as a working specification. Vote was unanimous in favor of approving this version.

    • Next step is review by 1EdTech Digital Credentials & Badges Executive Board on 01 March 2017 at quarterly meeting.

  4. Looking ahead & process for determining what’s next [Tim C]

    • Tim discussed use of existing /openbadges-discussion repository in GitHub as the backlog’s backlog - a place to save and discuss new ideas around future features of the OB specification

    • Tim had done some cleanup of older open issues and found that most were resolved in the proposed 2.0 specification

    • Two current issues are open that have potential connection to current 1EdTech work happening in the CBE workgroup and also with the 1EdTech conformance process and product directory

    • Agreement within the workgroup that this will be our place for hosting discussion of future features. Suggestion was made to use labels for helping with categorizing over time as more issues are created.




Upcoming Events

  1. 1EdTech Quarterly Mtg and Summit on Digital Credentials & Badges


Next Meeting

  • Thursday, Feb 23, 12:00pm EST; details