2017-Feb-23 OB Workgroup Minutes

2017-Feb-23 OB Workgroup Minutes

Open Badges Workgroup

23 February 2017



Meeting URL:

Password: badges

Phone access: 1-650-479-3207

Access code: 732 632 014



Workgroup forum (agendas, minutes, discussion)

Current published 1.1 spec & documentation (Badge All.)

GitHub repository (2.0)

1EdTech specification milestone tracker

1EdTech Intellectual Property Statement

Workgroup Chairs

Tim Cook

Mark Mercury

1EdTech Staff

Jeff Bohrer

Markus Gylling



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Attendees: Brenda Quintanilla (Houston ISD), Charles Touron (ADL, Dept of Army), David Leaser (IBM), Heather Harter (Penn State), Jim Daniels (IBM), Ken Tothero (UT-Austin), Mark Leuba (1EdTech), Mark Mercury (Acclaim, Pearson), Nate Otto (Concentric Sky), Phil Long (UT-Austin), Steve Gance (WA SBCTC), Tim Cook (LRNG/Collective Shift); Jeff Bohrer and Markus Gylling, 1EdTech


  1. Welcome/introductions/announcements [Jeff B]

    • Welcome to a number of first-time attendees

  2. Standing topic: Review of new issues and recent work in GitHub [Markus G]

    • Brief discussion of Issue #128 regarding formatting improvements; agreement to apply any changes to IMS2.0 branch. Tim C will try to create a pull request for this.

    • Suggestion from Nate to add clarification on extensions page. Extension content was intended to be covered by overall license for the specification. This will need to be clarified and aligned with 1EdTech IP practices.

    • Jeff had submitted a pull request to update the text in “Status of this Document” section to better align with current state of 1EdTech role with spec. Further discussion needed on whether an update should occur to existing published master branch ( or on the IMS2.0 branch.

  3. 2.0 validator project update [Markus G / Nate O]

    • OB 2.0 User Stories - open to public comment and contributions:

    • Overall, the capabilities proposed represent a big leap forward compared with existing OB validators

    • Timeline is ASAP for first iteration of minimally viable product

    • Suggestion was made to propose that validating a baked badge would be the minimally viable product; more on baked badges here:

    • Homework request from Markus and Nate: 1) Review user stories and provide feedback; 2) Contribute to validator development such as with building test cases and test suites.

    • Certification/compliance process

      1. Mark L explained the importance of learner portability and interoperability, and the role of the validator within the conformance process. Validator will be free and open for use by 1EdTech members and non-members. 1EdTech members will be able to apply for and receive certified compliant badges for their product or program.

  4. Build agenda for next week’s OB workgroup mtg in Orlando [Jeff B]

    • Update from 1EdTech Digital Credentials & Badges Exec Board (Mark/Jeff)

    • Validator Update  (Markus/Nate)

      1. Feedback on User Stories

      2. Contributing sample badge code

    • Key Issues

      1. Portability and interoperability challenges/issues/potential next steps (Tim Cook)

      2. Suggestion: Beyond the specification: What does it mean to be a compliant issuer of Open Badges? What are implications of implementing a badging program?

        1. Mark described role of 1EdTech Communities of Practice (to be called Innovation Leadership Networks) to be practical contributors to help inform the specification-making process of the technical workgroups

        2. Phil added that there are emerging benefits, challenges, lessons learned from organizations that implement specifications (opportunities for a feedback loop)

    • Tentative: Update on CBE and Extended Transcript




Upcoming Events

  1. 1EdTech Quarterly Mtg and Summit on Digital Credentials & Badges


Next Meeting

  • In-person 2-Mar-2017 at 1EdTech Quarterly Mtg

  • Weekly, Thursdays, 12:00pm EST; details