2017-Mar-02 OB Workgroup Minutes

2017-Mar-02 OB Workgroup Minutes

Open Badges Workgroup

02 March 2017 - 1EdTech Quarterly Mtg, Orlando



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Tim Cook

Mark Mercury

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Jeff Bohrer

Markus Gylling




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Welcome and Introductions


Will Santo (D2L), Nate Otto (Conc Sky), Sherri Braxton-Lieber (UMBC), Bryan Smith (Learning Objects), Wayne Skipper (Conc Sky), Phil Long (UT-Austin), Mark Mercury (Acclaim Pearson), Omid Mufeed (DigitalMe), Paige Brooks-Jeffiers (KCTCS), Joellen Shendy (UMUC), Tim Cook (LRNG)

Jeff Bohrer


Update from Digital Credentials & Badges Executive Board

1EdTech OB 2.0

  • Board received update on work to date of OB Workgroup; reviewed spec at high-level with occasional look at specification during Q&A; unanimous approval for publishing as 1EdTech Candidate Final / Public Draft

  • Strong support for portability and strong support for requiring baked badges for conformance certification

  • 5-6 vendors expressed interest in implementing OB 2.0 by June

Jeff Bohrer

9:30 - 11:30 (with break)

Validator & Conformance

  • Final review of and support for user stories

  • D2L and C Sky may be early testers of validator

  • Discussion of methodology for signed assertions; discussion of extensions and that validating extensions would be good but not current priority for the validator

  • Recommendation to use BadgeCheck as validator engine was supported. Nate and Markus will move forward on this.

Nate Otto


Update on Extended Transcript from 1EdTech CBE Workgroup (slides)

  • Reviewed eT data model

  • Discussed future opportunity and need to align a number of data elements (e.g. issuer profile, evidence) across various specs (eT, OB, others?). Opportunity for 1EdTech to work on creating shared vocabularies.

  • Discussion of in-progress data model. Joellen advocated for eT to serve one purpose and another artifact for in-progress (academic program, informal learning pathway). Question of whether a future pathway specification is emerging.

Bryan Smith




1:00 - 3:30 (with break)

Emerging Topics (See Collaborative Notes for details discussed and documented)

  1. Portability and Interoperability

  2. Discoverability and Search

  3. Privacy and Identity

  4. Evidence and long-term hosting





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