Learning Tools Interoperability Certification: How and Why

How to become 1EdTech Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)™Certified and Why You Should

LTI Certification Overview

The goal of the 1EdTech LTI Certification is to encourage interoperable implementations of both LMS Systems or LMS Extensions (LTI Tool Consumers) and External Tools/Content (LTI Tool Providers).

1EdTech LTI certification demands features and capabilities beyond those which are strictly required by the specification. The specification is intentionally left very flexible to allow it to be used for many purposes. This certification is particularly aimed at maximizing interoperability between LMS systems and their External Tools so it requires much more than the specification. Gaining this certification is expected to be more difficult than simply meeting the minimal requirements of the LTI launch protocol.

While conformance certification provides a "seal" for passing prescribed tests it is much more than that. It is a commitment by a supplier to the 1EdTech community for ongoing support for achieving "plug and play" integration. Therefore, certification implies ongoing community commitment to resolve problems, revise implementations and retest as need.

Why Become 1EdTech LTI Certified?

  • Buyers trust 1EdTech as the neutral arbiter of truly interoperable products and content
  • 1EdTech certification designates passing a set of tests that will guarantee interoperability across a growing list of 100’s of certified products
  • The 1EdTech certification process connects your organization to an 1EdTech Alliance community of technical resources, making implementation of the standard much easier
  • 1EdTech certification provides a specific registration number for a product to be used in responses to requests for proposals
  • 1EdTech certified products are backed by 1EdTech technical support to troubleshoot any technical issues that may occur
  • Organizations achieving 1EdTech certification can use the 1EdTech certification logo in product and general marketing
  • The 1EdTech certification Alliance community provides continuous updates and involvement in the evolution of the standard and conformance testing
  • Certification is included as a benefit of 1EdTech membership: any number of products can be certified at no additional cost for each Alliance category or all categories for Affiliate or Contributing Members of 1EdTech
  • The 1EdTech web site provides high traffic marketing exposure as the authoritative source for 1EdTech certified products

In summary, participation in the 1EdTech certification process the most cost effective way to achieve product integrations while to buyers that the education industry will be the best it can be in of open innovation well into the. When your organization becomes certified you receive all the benefits of becoming connected as a member of the world's most influential technical consortium leading the future of educational technology innovation and Learning Impact.

Certification Prerequisites

  • LTI Certification is available for 1EdTech Common Cartridge/Learning Tools Interoperability Alliance Member, an 1EdTech Affiliate Member or an 1EdTech Contributing Member.
  • LTI Certification testing must be done using the certification suite hosted on the Alliance web site.
  • LTI Certification reports must be submitted by a designated representative of the 1EdTech member and the member must agree that there is no misrepresentation or manipulation of the results in the submitted certification report.

Certification Process

See the certification suite page for more details.