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Learning Impact On-Demand Virtual Series: Presenter Resources and Guidelines


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Guidelines for Creating Engaging Webinar Content

Webinar presenters will collaborate to develop engaging content that is focused on helping institutions do online/virtual learning better. The webinars will focus on various aspects of online learning to share lessons learned, best practices, and resources to support online programs at scale and in a sustainable manner. The following guidelines are provided to assist presenters in conducting engaging and informative webinars to help districts improve learning impact in an online/virtual format. 

Webinar Format Options

The following formats are recommended for the webinar series. Presenters should work with 1EdTech to select the best format to support the webinar learning objectives.

  • Institution Panel: 2-3 person panel moderated by the sponsor or 1EdTech
  • Sponsor Panel: 2-3 person panel discussion moderated by 1EdTech
  • 2-person Interview: 1EdTech interviews the sponsor who has the opportunity to present but is asked questions periodically during the presentation—similar to a podcast
  • 3-person Interview: 1EdTech interviewer conducts an interactive discussion with the sponsor and institutional customer
  • Individual Presentation: This format is reserved for expert “how-to” instructional topics (eg. Top 10 Tips, How to…) versus product demos
  • Q&A Session: People submit questions in advance via social media or form
  • Institutional Presentations: IT or academic leaders share effective practices or lessons learned

Webinar Length

  • 30–40 minutes depending on the format. 

Guidelines For Engaging Webinars

  • Each webinar needs to be a very specific, focused discussion with 1-2 clear learning objectives.
  • Webinars can not be product pitches. Viewers are interested learning practical practices from other institutions.
  • Viewers should walk away feeling transformed and inspired to take action.
  • All webinars must include a handout (downloadable or easily accessed) for viewers that highlights the key takeaways versus just providing your slides. The handout will be posted online along with the webinar recording and should include a link to the recording.
  • 1EdTech will work with presenters for each webinar to provide a mechanism for people to submit questions specific to the topic in advance of the webinar recording so that webinar presenters can structure their content to address the questions. 
  • All presenters must use video when recording the webinar. Bandwidth speed and audio will be tested during the webinar prep call.
  • Presenters will be given presenter rights to advance their own slides to avoid the need to “share screen” and saying “next slide please.” 
  • All recordings need to be very seamless, engaging, and professional. 
  • Webinars following a panel discussion format need to pay special attention to selecting a moderator with a pleasant voice who has experience conducting lively, engaging and professional panel discussions. Moderator guidelines have been developed to assist the moderator in preparing for the panel discussion.

Content Development

  • The objective is to provide quality content where viewers learn about practical strategies and resources to do online learning better. 
  • Webinar topics will focus on institutions and/or sponsors sharing lessons learned thus far from moving everything to a virtual format in a very short period of time and advice on how to scale online programs across different categories of products: instructional resources, LMS’s, SIS’s, etc.
  • Webinars should not be demos or product pitches.
  • Titles should not reference an 1EdTech standard, interoperability or a specific product.
  • The webinars should not focus on the technical aspects of 1EdTech standards but weave in the message that 1EdTech standards are how you scale a sustainable online/virtual program and provide a seamless user experience.
  • Each webinar organizer must complete the Webinar Preparation Template to share with 1EdTech for approval. Once completed the prep call and recording dates will be scheduled.

Logistics for Prep and Recording

  • All webinars will be conducted using the 1EdTech Zoom account. 1EdTech will provide support for conducting the recording.
  • 1EdTech will schedule a prep call with webinar presenters so that the lead presenter can review the content and roles of each participant. During the prep call, all speakers will test audio and ensure everyone has good bandwidth for a Zoom video meeting.
  • The actual recording date and time will be scheduled during the prep call. 
  • 1EdTech will provide an introduction to each webinar to introduce the speakers and ensure consistency for the series.
  • 1EdTech will provide a standard opening title slide with Series branding/logo to be shown for all webinars. After the intro title slide, the sponsor/presenters can use their own template for any slides they plan to show.

Recording Guidelines

  • Business casual attire is preferred. No hats or t-shirts.
  • The recording should be done in a home office if possible or in a room with wall with pictures or bookshelf as the back drop. Avoid having personal items in view.
  • Position camera to have you in the center of your screen.
  • Ensure the room has good lighting.
  • No signage (political, religious, etc) should be in view of the your recording area.
  • Do not use Zoom backgrounds.
  • Turn off all notification alerts on your computer and phone.
  • Avoid reading from a script. The webinars should follow a conversation format.

Promoting the Series

  • All recordings will be posted at The series schedule will be posted as webinars are confirmed for recording. Each webinar will include a brief description, 1-2 key learning objectives, presenter names, and sponsor recognition.
  • The hashtag for the Webinar Series is #imsondemand. 1EdTech is committed to responding to questions or comments that come in over the course of the series to encourage people to use the hashtag and view webinars. All sponsors are encouraged to use the hashtag to promote their participation and support for the webinar.
  • 1EdTech will frequently utilize social media to promote webinars and sponsors.
  • 1EdTech will provide all sponsors with social media posts to use or customize to promote their participation and support for the series. 
  • 1EdTech will blog about the webinar series and encourage sponsors to do the same. 1EdTech will link to sponsor blogs from the 1EdTech Community Dispatch newsletter and from the 1EdTech newsfeed.

Success Metrics

  • Open and click rates of email when recording is released
  • Number of views
  • Time in the webinar (if available, to measure engagement)
  • 1EdTech will provide a “Contact” link for viewers who would like more information after watching the webinar