Learning Impact Virtual Series: Moderator Guidelines

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Learning Impact On-Demand Virtual Series: Moderator Guidelines


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Moderator Guidelines

An effective webinar Moderator manages a number of tasks that require planning and preparation. As a Moderator, you have the following responsibilities:

  • Attend the webinar prep call and be familiar with the webinar plan.
  • Welcome the audience, noting that the webinar is not live.
  • Share the meeting agenda.
  • Introduce speakers and transition to new webinar segments, as applicable.
  • Manage any unexpected glitches.
  • Close the webinar, including sharing how viewers can get more information on the webinar topic.

A strong Moderator can make a webinar inviting and engaging, but your main role is to make it run smoothly. View the Guidelines for Creating Engaging Webinar Content.

Tips for being a great Moderator include:

  • Understand the webinar objectives: to fully support the webinar speakers, be familiar with goals and objectives, the main point of the session, and the results the presenters want to achieve (the call to action for viewers). 
  • Gain insight into the speakers’ presentation styles to make transitions smooth.
  • Determine your presentation style: your primary role is to ensure the webinar is as smooth and successful as possible. A welcoming and engaging delivery can play a key role in a successful webinar. Initiate and sustain the energy of the webinar. 
  • Maintain focus for the entire webinar, actively listening to the presentation.
  • Prepare your virtual webinar environment in advance to eliminate potential distractions and to ensure you have everything you need. 
  • Be prepared for minor glitches, such as a slide that is out of order or interruption in bandwidth. Be ready to redirect the flow if something goes off track.
  • Understand speaker expectations: do speakers want you to stick to transitions, or do they want you to take a more active role?
  • Prep call and rehearsal: join the webinar prep call with all other webinar participants and the 1EdTech host to review all the details. Schedule time for a full rehearsal if other participants want to do a live run-through. Record the rehearsal so you can review your presentation.
  • Game-day check-in: login to the webinar 30 minutes prior to the official start time to run a list minute audiovisual test. Logging in early will leave time to troubleshoot any last-minute problems.