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EdTech Leaders Perspectives: An Interview with SAFARI Montage

  • Tim Beekman, President and Co-founder, SAFARI Montage

Tim Beekman reports that districts that were “ready” for this scale-up are seeing very strong instructional resource utilization and that students are largely ready for digital, which is no longer ancillary. He notes that there is a much greater need for engagement with all stakeholders. Tim states that IMS has set the bar to make digital learning work.

"COVID-19 points out the total value of IMS. I'd hate to see where we are [with] instruction—the chaos we would be in—without all the IMS standards...All you've got to do is look around at the most successful districts during this crisis, and guess what; they're all IMS districts."

Yes, I would like to learn more about SAFARI Montage!


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