LTI Resource Search Real-World Scenarios

LTI™ Resource Search Real-World Scenarios

These scenarios provide examples of the implementation of Resource Search to solve issues schools and districts experience.

Special "Search" Attribute

Through the concept of the special filter attribute “search”, powerful retrieval from the name, description and subject fields is possible. The user will enter keywords or a phrase that will search across all three fields.  
The user wishes to find resources about tree frogs and inputs this into the search field. Using Resource Search, the learning platform will search all available learning object repositories for resources in which the title, description and subject fields contain the phrase 'tree frog' and return all of the results from any of the available source repositories to the list of results.

Learning Resource Type

Through the concept of 'learningResourceType', users can choose specific types of resources to filter results. This list of resources is defined within the standard.
A learning repository includes only text-oriented resources and therefore the only learning resource types presented are "Book", "Chapter", "Document", "Article", "Passage", "Textbook", and "Reference".

Additional Use Cases: