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LTI® Advantage is the next phase of market adoption for Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®). Leveraging the core LTI standard (v1.3) as the foundation, LTI Advantage is a set of extensions that enable better user experiences from deeper integrations of any tool with any LMS. Currently, the LTI Advantage extensions are Names and Role Provisioning Services, Deep Linking, and Assignment and Grade Services.

As a Supplier, what do you need to do to get LTI Advantage Certified?

  • IMS will soon be launching an updated LTI Advantage Certification Test Suite. All IMS members will be required to recertify their products for LTI Advantage.  
  • The LTI Advantage Test Suite will allow you to test your products against all three LTI Advantage extensions.
  • If you are not currently able to pass a test for an extension, you will be given the opportunity to Commit to becoming certified by Q3 2018.
  • If you commit to becoming certified for an extension, we will list your commitment in the LTI Advantage Certification Directory.
  • If your product type does not support an extension—for instance, video tools may not support Assignment and Grade Services—you should indicate that your product type does not support the extension and your record in the directory will indicate that particular extension is Not Applicable.

When you go through certification testing for each of the extensions you will identify the following status for the LTI Advantage extensions.

CURRENT VERSION CERTIFIED: this means the extension has been tested and is currently certified by IMS Global

COMMITTED: this means your organization commits to certifying the extension by a specific date 

NOT COMPLETE: this means the extension is not currently certified and there are no plans to commit to certifying

NOT APPLICABLE: this means the extension is not applicable for your product type.

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You can see a mockup of the directory listing below: (NOTE: This Data is for Demonstration Purposes Only)