OneRoster Conformance Certified Product Acquisition Screening Questions

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OneRoster Certified Product Acquisition Screening Questions

Ensuring that your educational technology tools are 1EdTech Certified is the best way to establish a plug-and-play ecosystem that allows all of your tools and content to work together. Below are the recommended questions to use when acquiring OneRoster® conformance certified products.
1.  Which OneRoster version and service(s) does the vendor support? Class Roster, Resources, and/or Gradebook Results?
 Note: Effective January 1, 2019, 1EdTech will no longer offer new certifications for OneRoster 1.0. 
  •  What functionality is supported: CSV Format or API (preferred)
  •  If OneRoster API is not supported, will it be in the future? What is the timeline?
  •  Name supported services.
2.  Can the vendor provide the product’s 1EdTech Conformance Certification Number?
3.  Will the vendor agree to language in the contract requiring 1EdTech Certification?
4.  Does the vendor support single sign-on? What method is supported for Single Sign-on?
  • For staff? 
  • For students? 
5.  What are the product’s data requirements?
Note: The OneRoster standard allows vendors to filter and/or remove data from the standard OneRoster data file once transmitted. It has been the experience of 1EdTech members that vendors have asked for data to be removed prior to transmission. 
6.  What user types does the product support? 
  • Secondary teacher vs. primary teacher, Etc.
  • Does the vendor accept automatic feeds for administrators? 
  • Does the vendor support staff associated with multiple schools? 
  • Does the vendor support staff in multiple roles (i.e. teacher and data coach)? 
  • Does the vendor support students associated with multiple schools? 
  • Does the vendor support classes where the teacher is temporarily inactive or unassigned? 
7.  Is a testing environment provided?
8.  Does the vendor provide an automated mechanism for resolving errors (including retrieving error logs)? 
9.  Does the vendor protect against accidental deletion of records due to a load or transmission error? 
10. Does the vendor provide information back to you? 
  • What information is returned (measures, progress, usage, etc.)? 
  • Via what method is the information returned (file via SFTP, API, etc.)? 
  • Are technology standards used for the return of information? If yes, which standard(s) are used?
  • How often is information returned (near real-time, nightly, periodically, end-of-year, etc.)? 
11. Can the vendor demonstrate how the filtering capabilities of the OneRoster standard meet your requirements?
12. Is the vendor willing to share information about customers currently served with OneRoster implementations? As well as identify customers who are  1EdTech members?
  • Customers with OneRoster CSV Implementations?
  • Customers with OneRoster REST API Implementations?
  • Customers with OneRoster Version 1.0 / 1.1 Implementations?