Digital Day One Checklist

Digital on Day One: Checklist for OneRoster Implementation

This checklist is designed to assist institutions in preparing to implement OneRoster® for the beginning of the school year.

Additional institutional resources are available in the K-12 Playbook.




Item ID




Back to School (BTS) minus 9 months 1 Establish vendor requirements for the next purchasing year   

OneRoster for Educators (presentation)

Planning and Procurement Guide for OneRoster 1.1

BTS minus 9 months 2

Conduct an internal review to identify current vendors and any limitations they may have related to OneRoster and rostering in general

BTS minus 7 months 3 Discuss plans for new software with Academics and participate in developing RFP requirements to ensure new software requires OneRoster  Should be scheduled before the procurement process begins. Planning and Procurement Guide for OneRoster 1.1
BTS minus 7 months 4 Meet with vendors one-on-one to discuss any identified limitations and their planned enhancements for the following school year  See Item 2 Example letter notifying providers of interoperability expectations (Harford County)
BTS minus (4-7 months) 5 Identify modifications in the Course Catalog and identify changes to course/software mapping     
BTS minus (4-7 months) 6 Develop Master Schedules for the following school year  See Item 5  
BTS minus 3 months 7 Update course/software mappings for resource allocation  See Item 6  
BTS minus 3 months 8

Develop and test data feeds with each vendor.


BTS minus 3 months 9 Establish ongoing monitoring processes to ensure data is loaded correctly and that any rejected data is identified and corrected    OneRoster Implementation FAQ
BTS minus 3 months 10 Establish/revise Help Desk processes for reporting and resolving data issues (classes and/or students not showing up, teachers and/or students don’t have access, administrators don’t have access or don’t have the proper role, etc.)    Considerations
BTS minus 3 months 11 Once testing is completed, establish and verify production feed processes    
BTS minus 1 month 12 Ensure that all students are scheduled properly     
BTS minus 1 month 13
Start production loads with vendors 
See Item 12  
BTS minus 1 month 14 Monitor load for rejects   See Item 13  
BTS minus 1 month 15 Verify that rosters are accurate  See Item 13  
BTS minus 1 month 16 Train staff on problem reporting processes  See Item 10  

Additional Resource (Recorded Webinar): Rev Up Your EdTech Roadmap to Achieve Digital on Day One of Learning—Building the Foundation.

Hear directly from district leaders who are using the OneRoster standard to help reduce costs and implementation times with their digital learning tools as they build the foundation to revolutionize teaching and learning in their districts.