Improving the Educational Technology Ecosystem via LTI Advantage

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Endorsing LTI Advantage as the Preferred Industry Standard for Learning Tool Integration

We, the undersigned educational technology leaders and innovators at our respective institutions have come together to underscore our commitment to the adoption of LTI Advantage certified digital learning tools.
Developed via the leadership of over 560+ members (and growing) of 1EdTech Consortium—the world-leading edtech standards collaborative—LTI Advantage has been rapidly adopted as the preferred integration method by leading educational technology providers. We view LTI Advantage as the industry standard for learning product integration and the foundation to enable a connected digital ecosystem that supports better teaching and learning experiences.


LTI Advantage leverages open standards to achieve the following key benefits for IT, faculty, instructional designers, and students:

  • Reliable, productive, and innovative faculty experiences with technology
  • Trusted security of student data and results data passed between applications
  • Minimal technical barriers ensure that digital services are ready on day one of learning
  • Plug-and-play integration that significantly reduces the cost and time to connect digital tools and content
  • Deep integration of specific learning objects, content, and digital resources within the fabric of course content
  • Easy to consume learning analytics data supports student success

To ensure that all benefits are realized across all learning environments, 1EdTech members have put in place a certification program and product directory available at that is governed by a proven and trusted community process. For institutions to achieve plug-and-play integrations it is of paramount importance that edtech suppliers certify LTI Advantage and that institutions set requirements to purchase 1EdTech certified products and expect their suppliers to be current with 1EdTech standards.

See the supplier organizations that have committed to being among the first to implement and obtain 1EdTech conformance certification for LTI Advantage.

Improve the Educational Technology Ecosystem via LTI Advantage

Join the effort to strengthen the foundation for a secure, innovative, and connected digital learning ecosystem to accelerate digital transformation at your institution. To learn more, contact Cary Brown, HED Program Manager, 1EdTech Consortium at

HED Institutional Leaders Endorsing LTI Advantage

Tracy Adkins, Director, Learning Technology, Georgia State University

Michael Berman, Chief Information Officer, California State University

Lois Brooks, Chief Information Officer and Vice Provost for Information Technology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Diane Butler, Associate Vice President, Rice University

Thomas Cavanagh, Ph.D., Vice Provost for Digital Learning, University of Central Florida

Paul Czarapata, Vice President & CIO, Kentucky Community & Technical College System (KCTCS)

Andrea Deau, Assistant Vice Provost, Continuing Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Sean DeMonner, Executive Director, ITS Teaching & Learning, University of Michigan

Elias Eldayrie, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, University of Florida

Jason Fish, Director, Teaching and Learning Technologies, Purdue University

John Fritz, Associate Vice President Instructional Technologies and New Media, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)

Stephen Gance, Ph.D., Policy Associate - eLearning & Open Education, Washington State Board for Community &  Technical Colleges (WSCTC)

David Goodrum, Ed.D., Director of Academic Technology, Information Services, Oregon State University

Joaquín Huante, Dirección de Tecnologías de Información, Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León

Vince Kellen, Ph.D, CIO, University of California, San Diego

Mary-Ellen Kreher, Director Online Course Design & Technology Development, Innovative Learning Technology Initiative (ILTI), University of California

Michelle Lew, Director, Teaching and Learning Technologies, Center for the Advancement of Teaching, UCLA

Stacy Morrone, Ph.D., Associate Vice President Learning Technologies, Indiana University

Terry O’Heron,  Director of Operations, Teaching and Learning with Technology, Penn State University

Marianne Schroeder, Senior Associate Director, Teaching & Learning Technologies, The University of British Columbia

Carlos R. Solís, Ph.D., Associate Vice President Instructional Technologies Support, Texas State University

Jennifer Sparrow, Associate Vice President, Teaching and Learning with Technology, Penn State University

Jenn Stringer, Chief Academic Technology Officer & Assistant Vice Chancellor for Teaching and Learning, University of California, Berkeley

Jack Suess, VP of IT and CIO, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)

Nick White, Vice President, Course Development, Capella University/Strategic Education Inc.

Shannon Wilson, VP of IT Application Engineering, University of Phoenix