1EdTech GLC: 1EdTech GLC Announces Universitat Koblenz-Landau as Global Academic Affiliate

1EdTech GLC Announces Universitat Koblenz-Landau as Global Academic Affiliate

Knowledge Media Institute Koblenz will focus on development of 1EdTech Schema Prof Tool and Specification Profiling
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Lake Mary, FL - 30 July 2007 - The 1EdTech Consortium (GLC) announced today that the Universitat Koblenz-Landau has become an 1EdTech Academic Affiliate. Each 1EdTech GLC Academic Affiliate has a unique charter for pursuing an aspect of research or testing that is closely connected with 1EdTech GLC's mission of addressing global learning industry challenges through community development of standards, innovation, and best practices. Each affiliate will work closely with 1EdTech to perform research or applied implementations that will feed back to the 1EdTech community. The Universitat Koblenz-Landau joins Georgetown University to become the second 1EdTech GLC Academic Affiliate worldwide.

The Knowledge Media Institute Koblenz is working with 1EdTech GLC to develop and maintain an 1EdTech Schema Prof Tool to create application profiles. Application profiles of the 1EdTech GLC specifications can benefit and more closely meet the needs of target user communities while harnessing the specifications to aid integration and enhance interoperability between tools, products and services for that community. In addition, Koblenz will help 1EdTech GLC Contributing Members and Subscribers create profiles which can be downloaded from the new 1EdTech GLC's Public Profile Registry at /profile/

"Profiles help meet the needs of our global constituency and we are pleased that the University of Koblenz-Landau has joined us to help provide a tool that can make the process of developing profiles easier," said Rob Abel, CEO of 1EdTech Consortium. Abel added, "The University will play a key role in helping 1EdTech maintain and populate the 1EdTech profile registry."

"At Koblenz we are eager to help 1EdTech set up a profile registry for all users of 1EdTech Specifications", remarked Dr. Ingo Dahn, CEO of Knowledge Media Institute Koblenz. "The 1EdTech Schema Prof tool will help developers of profiles identify those items which can be changed to fit the needs of a community and ultimately help with interoperability."

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