Oracle, Desire2Learn, Ellucian, and Moodlerooms Achieve First 1EdTech Certified Commercial Products Utilizing the Open Learning Information Services Standards

Oracle, Desire2Learn, Ellucian, and Moodlerooms Achieve First 1EdTech Certified Commercial Products Utilizing the Open Learning Information Services Standards


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1EdTech Learning Information Services (LIS) v2.0 will provide a radical reduction in the cost, time and complexity to integrate diverse cloud-based and local learning platforms

Lake Mary, Florida, USA - 19 February 2013 - The 1EdTech Consortium (1EdTech) today announced at the 1EdTech quarterly meeting at Lone Star College, USA, the availability of the first commercial products that have passed the 1EdTech conformance certification for 1EdTech Learning Information Services (LIS) version 2.0.

The LIS standards provide open web services for provisioning of cohorts and grade book exchange between student systems and learning software hosted locally or remotely. LIS is an update of the 1EdTech Enterprise specifications, in wide adoption across educational segments worldwide since 1999. Additional information on the LIS standards is available on the 1EdTech web site.

“The 1EdTech LIS v2.0 specification encourages the industry to turn integration from a complex customization into a utility – increasing system stability and performance,” said Mark Armstrong, vice president, higher education product development, Oracle. “Conformance certification confirms Oracle’s longstanding commitment to system interoperability, and we are pleased to provide our higher education customers with an industry-leading SIS backed by 1EdTech Consortium’s conformance certification stamp.”Conformance Logo

"Desire2Learn is excited to be among the first to implement Learning Information Services (LIS) in support of a more rapid and stable integration with other campus systems”, said Jeremy Auger, CTO & EVP, Desire2Learn Incorporated. “Integrations between academic and administrative systems continue to be one of the most common and complicated, and LIS brings simplicity and consistency to what was previously complex and custom.”

"Moodlerooms is pleased to support the improvements of v2.0 of LIS within our Joule product. Simplifying the integration between LMS and SIS means that institutions can focus more of their attention on teaching and learning, and less time on integrating disparate systems," said Phill Miller, VP of Product Strategy, Moodlerooms.

"In both higher education and K-12 the clear future trends are to enable innovation in learning platforms and availability of data that can enable students to make better decisions about their educational and career choices,” said Dr. Rob Abel, Chief Executive of 1EdTech. “There is also a certain naivety going around that ‘APIs’ will solve this problem. APIs are trivial. What is needed is a common set of web services for interchange of data that can be easily implemented in any programming language and platform. This is what will remove cost, time and complexity. LIS provides a very well thought out set of such services.”

The 1EdTech LIS standards have been progressed through an enormous amount of technical work and leadership provided by Blackboard, Desire2Learn, Ellucian, Framingham State University, Oracle and Psydev, Ltd.

Extensions to the basic set of services in LIS are in progress. Of particular note are a set of extensions to enable data exchange with sophisticated scheduling and timetabling systems being led by Scientia Ltd. Interested parties are encouraged to contact 1EdTech with desired extensions via email or the 1EdTech forums on the web.

In addition to the organizations named above the following organizations have pledged to support the LIS v2 standards: Canvas by Instructure, Civitas Learning, Inc., Educational Testing Service, Jenzabar, Inc., JISC – CETIS, LoudCloud Systems, Plano Independent School District, Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR), SAFARI Montage, and Scientia Ltd.

LIS conformance certifications have now joined up with 1EdTech certifications for 1EdTech Common Cartridge, Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) and Interactive WhiteBoard (IWB). There are now over 150 certifications that have been issued by 1EdTech providing strong evidence that future innovation in educational technology can and will be supported by the efficiencies enabled by open interoperability.

Support for implementing the LIS standards is available by contacting 1EdTech at so that 1EdTech can refer qualified developers and organizations.

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