1EdTech Webinar: Taking the First Steps to Student-Centered Learning

Taking the First Steps to Student-Centered Learning

The first step towards student ownership of learning is making access to digital platforms easy and transparent.  There are great tools to simplify the process of creating user accounts and rostering teachers and students into classes for the various next generation learning systems, applications, and content providers. Hear from small, medium and large districts who are making the transition to seamless access for students (and teachers). 

Guest speakers: Michael Cicchetti, Volusia County Schools (FL), Mike Evans, Forsyth County Schools (GA)

This is the second in a series of seven webinars hosted by 1EdTech with special guests from school districts.

In this series, you will hear from educational leaders at school districts across the U.S. that are evolving toward student-centered learning based on open, plug-and-play technologies and integrated curriculum architecture that is supported by hundreds of providers of innovative digital resources, tools, and environments.