Learning Impact Virtual Series: K-12

K-12 Districts and Schools

Taking your Teaching and Learning Ecosystem Online

Responsive Practices to Plan Your Virtual Instruction

  • Dwayne Alton, Executive Director, Infrastructure Services, School District of Lee County
  • Helen Davis Martin, Ed.D., Assistant Director, Professional Learning, School District of Lee County
  • Rob Stratton, Vice President of Learning Innovation and Strategy, SAFARI Montage
  • Moderator: Monica Watts, Director of K-12 Engagement, 1EdTech Consortium

Lee County Schools built an effective digital learning ecosystem with 1EdTech standards as the foundation. Using Google Classroom, the SAFARI Montage Learning Object Repository, and other enterprise systems, Lee County Schools designed their ecosystem to provide greater access to quality digital content—simplifying work for teachers and improving student engagement—while offering access to analytical data for valuable insight into student engagement and performance. Although initially designed for traditional instruction, Lee County School's digital ecosystem provides teachers and administrators with resources to create meaningful distance learning for students and professional learning opportunities for staff. Hear how this was critically important during recent school closures.

View the slides from this webinar, a case study on Behind the Scenes at Lee County Schools, and a summary of Lee County’s Learning Impact Award-winning project.

“We are quickly gearing up to onboard about 6,000 teachers into professional development that will help them be successful in this upcoming hybrid environment. Paramount to our professional learning plan is really choice and voice.”

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Ensuring Digital Material is Vetted, Accessible, and Appropriate for K-12 Learners

  • Jim Corns, Executive Director of Information Technology, Baltimore County Public Schools
  • Tara McNulty, Supervisor of Application Implementations and Operations, Baltimore County Public Schools
  • Andrew Alfers, Vice President of Product Management, VitalSource
  • Moderator: Jeanne Imbriale, Director, Enterprise Applications, Baltimore County Public Schools

Selecting high-quality digital products has become imperative for everyone in K-12 education from the classroom teacher, school principal, curriculum leader, and information technology professional. Ensuring students can quickly, reliably, and safely access core and supplemental content, especially in an online or hybrid learning environment, is vital to providing continuous learning. Flexible digital solutions are more critical than ever for students to learn anytime, anywhere. Growing concerns about student data privacy add to the headaches and hurdles for educators who want to utilize personalized learning tools. Watch/listen to this webinar to understand how interoperability, data privacy, accessibility, and instructional standards help ensure equity, create efficiencies, and increase security to give teachers insight into how students are engaging with content and can intervene and provide remediation when needed.

View the key takeaways from this session.

Use the VitalSource Compliance, Standards, and Affiliations Checklist to ensure you are investing in the most secure and compliant technologies available.

“In short, we just really like to make sure that anything we bring into our digital ecosystem works...Data privacy is something we won't compromise...Our ultimate goal is to get these resources in the hands of teachers and students. That's the real "why" of why we're doing this.”

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Equity, Agency, and Mastery: Innovations Needed to Enhance Student Success in a More Virtual World

  • Giovanni Benincasa, UX Manager, Chicago Public Schools
  • Martin McGuire, Director of Educational Technologies, Digital Solutions and UX, Chicago Public Schools
  • Kara Thorstenson, Director of Libraries and Instructional Technology, Chicago Public Schools
  • Tim Beekman, President and Co-Founder, SAFARI Montage
  • Moderator: Monica Watts, Director of K-12 Engagement, 1EdTech Consortium

Chicago Public Schools is in a first-of-its-kind Curriculum Equity Initiative to ensure that students in every part of Chicago benefit from high-quality curriculum and instructional resources. The district is working with leading K-12 educational publishers and industry partners to provide equitable access to learning resources that all CPS educators will customize and utilize to support both traditional and virtual instruction. Join district leaders for a discussion on how the district has leveraged 1EdTech standards to build a standards-aligned, culturally relevant library of digital curriculum and how they are working to ensure the system will meet all students' needs.

View the key takeaways from this session.

“If COVID has taught us anything—where there may have been a reluctance to "new" in the past, when there is an imperative, when you've made it clear to people what the challenge is and what the options to solve are—we've seen teachers radically transform practice out of local materials they were comfortable with while leveraging new distance tools.”

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K-12 Digital Transformation

  • Tim Clark, Ed.D., Vice President of K-12 Programs, 1EdTech Consortium
  • Karen Daughtery, K-12 Program Manager, 1EdTech Consortium
  • Kevin Lewis, Project Manager, 1EdTech Consortium
  • Monica Watts, Director of K-12 Engagement, 1EdTech Consortium
  • Moderator: Rob Abel, Ed.D., CEO, 1EdTech Consortium

The future of digital education has arrived ahead of schedule. It's an excellent time to ensure your digital ecosystem can adapt to changing needs. The first step is to establish a safe, seamless, scalable, and agile foundation for plug-and-play integration. Next, enrich faculty and student experiences by implementing workflows for resource personalization, assessment, and real-time data. Finally, dramatically improve your ecosystem to support more effective recognition of diverse student achievement through new digital credentialing approaches. Hundreds of edtech suppliers contribute to this open ecosystem today, enabling your institution to do all of the above and more.

Download the key takeaways from this session.

Reduce your integration challenges and ignite your K-12 Digital Transformation today. 

“1EdTech school districts are enabling personalized learning with proficiency-based progress.”

“Within the 1EdTech community, the most important collaboration is on district priorities.”

K-12 Leaders Perspectives: Moving to Remote Learning

  • Maurice Draggon, Senior Director of Digital Learning, Orange County Public Schools
  • Jeanne Imbriale, Director of Enterprise Applications, Baltimore County Public Schools
  • Tricia Kennedy, Executive Director of Instructional Development and Support, Gwinnett County Public Schools
  • Kevin A. Tashlein, Ed.D., Chief Strategy Officer, Gwinnett County Public Schools

1EdTech K-12 leaders stress the importance of starting with the foundation of a robust, interoperable ecosystem, proven instructional strategies, and a clear understanding of your district's strengths to effectively adjust to today's scale-up. Having a solid core includes a centralized interaction point and consistency that is a jumping-off point for agility to address these exceptional circumstances. Collaboration among teachers to exchange best practices and ideas is key as well as communication with parents and connecting stakeholders for that sense of community. There is a real sense that innovation can thrive through incremental improvement going forward. The feeling is that school will be different in the future because a greater understanding of flexibility is apparent. 1EdTech provides the collaborative space to enable district leaders to learn from each other for the benefit of their district. The 1EdTech technical work makes the technology work so much better together for the benefits of teachers and students.


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