Next Generation Open Digital Content and Assessment

1EdTech educational content standards establish the innovation framework for the next generation of digital content and assessment – today! And, publishing to the 1EdTech standards means that the content is “write once, run anywhere!”

Do you wish that online courses in your learning management system made better use of web assets, collaborative social media, and formative assessment? They can. Use of 1EdTech standards result in the following benefits:






  • Ready to be tailored: Content that is best to be tailored by teachers can be – right in the learning management system
  • Seamless integration of web content, web applications, and e-textbooks: Include web-hosted content, web applications, and e-textbooks (including those requiring login) directly in the course
  • Integrated assessment: Assessment items and tests that can be “played” on any 1EdTech certified LMS can be included in the course – and teacher tailorable as desiredTBR Case Study
  • Advanced e-assessment: Sharing of innovative items that have accessibility accommodations built-in!
  • State standards tagging: All content and assessment components can be tagged with state curriculum standards, including the Common Core
  • Accessibility & mobility: Apps and content can be enabled to integrate into the academic enterprise regardless of platform and specify alternative content to serve all learners