IMS Learning Analytics Summit 2019 Presentations

IMS Learning Analytics Summit 2019

Opening New Opportunities to Use Data for Maximum Learning Impact



Wednesday – 13 November

General Sessions & Presentations

  • Welcome and Opening Comments — Rob Abel, CEO, IMS Global Learning Consortium [slides]

  • Getting Real About Learning Analytics — Michael Feldstein, Chief Accountability Officer, e-Literate [slides]

  • Finding a Black Cat in the Dark Room: The Integrated Analytics EcosystemCary Brown, Director of Higher Education Programs, IMS Global Learning Consortium [slides]

  • Evidence-based Courseware Improvement with OpenSimon Analytics — Norman Bier, Director of OLI and Executive Director for the Simon Initiative, Carnegie Mellon University; Erin Czerwinski, Simon Initiative’s Community/Product Manager, Carnegie Mellon University [slides]

  • Eliminating Equity Gaps through Data and Analytics — Timothy M. Renick, Senior Vice President for Student Success and Professor, Georgia State University [slides]

Panel Discussions

  • State of Analytics: Where Are We Now and What’s Next — Linda Feng, Software Architect, Unicon; Joshua McGhee, Technical Program Manager, IMS Global Learning Consortium; Bracken Mosbacker, Technical Standards Architect, IMS Global Learning Consortium; Etienne Pelaprat, Chief Technology Officer, Unizin [*no presentation slides]

  • Pulling the Curtain on Student Data Privacy — Brent Engelman, Director of Education Data and Information Systems, Council of Chief State School Officers; Linda Feng, Software Architect, Unicon; Jason Morales, Business Strategy Leader, Data & AI, Microsoft; Nick Thompson, Assistant Director, Common Collaborative Learning Environment, UCLA [slides]

  • Mapping Georgia's Academic Genome: Connect Data from K to 20 — Rich Copeland, Supervisor of Teacher Quality, Georgia Virtual Learning, Georgia Department of Education; Myk Garn, Assistant Vice Chancellor for New Learning Models, University System of Georgia; Warren Goetzel, Senior Digital Learning Manager, Georgia Institute of Technology; Tim Renick, Senior Vice President for Student Success, Georgia State University [slides]

Lighting Talks: Highlighting K-12 and Higher Education Successes, Roadblocks, and What's Next

  • Berkeley Online Advising: Learner Analytics and Student Success — Steven Williams, Service Lead, Research Teaching and Learning Group, University of California Berkeley [slides]

  • Breaking Down Silos: Building a Data and Analytics Ecosystem to Support Next Generation Learning — Jamey Hynds, Director, Business Intelligence, Katy Independent School Districts [slides]

  • Melding Learning Analytics and Transactional Data to Foster Students Success — Craig Abbey, Associate Vice President and Director of Institutional Analysis, University at Buffalo [slides]

Supplier Lightning Talks: Real-World Implementation

  • The Academic Value Chain for Student Success Using CLR — Mustafa Sualp, CEO, AEFIS [slides]

  • Engaging the Global Dev Community in a Caliper POC — Eric Preston, Developer Ambassador, Blackboard [slides]

  • Putting Analytics into Practice: Student Success and Data Communities — Chris Bunio, Sr. Director of Higher Education, Microsoft Education [slides]