Research and Whitepapers

Research and Whitepapers

09 Mar 2023

Digital Credentials and Talent Acquisition Tech (Report)

12 Apr 2016

Deeper dive on next generation digital learning environment (NGDLE) interoperability: part a: interoperable app inputs

11 Oct 2014

2014 Learning Impact Report

16 Oct 2013

1EdTech Announces 2013 Learning Impact Report

27 Sep 2013

Read the interview with Steve Klinger, With 1EdTech’s Learning Tools Interoperability Standard,Providing Students Content at Western Governors University is Easier and More Efficient

11 Aug 2013

7 Things You Should Know about LTI

21 Jun 2013

Read the interview with Yong Zhao regarding New Paradigms for Teaching and Learning

21 May 2013

Read the new Series on Learning Impact: Effective Instructional Innovation: How IT Gets There from Here! -- an Interview with Kenneth Green

10 May 2013

Read The Need for New Paradigms in Education, an Interview with Dr. Yong Zhao

22 Apr 2013

Read the latest Application and Policy Brief: Open-Standards Requirements for Assessment Content and Systems

20 Apr 2013

Turning Data into Personalized Learning Experiences, an Interview with George Siemens

19 Apr 2013

Revolutionizing Education Through Innovative Technology, An interview with Travis Allen, CEO of iSchool Initiative

21 Jun 2011

Learning Management System (LMSRFP Template Available - Enterprise Learning Systems and Applications Procurement (ELSAP) Adoption Practice Public Draft

24 Feb 2010

The Learning Impact 2010 Report:High Value Projects that Leading Institutions, Schools, and Governments are Implementing to Improve Access and Affordability to High Quality Educational Experiences