Learning Impact Articles

Learning Impact Articles

29 Sep 2021

Continuous Improvement of Student Learning: Designing a Comprehensive Learner Logic Model

29 Apr 2021

AEFIS Case Study: University of Rochester and CLR

06 Feb 2020

The Impact of Digital Credentials on the Future of Work

05 Feb 2020

Comprehensive Learner Record: Exploring A New Transcript for Lifelong Learning

20 Nov 2019

LTI Advantage: Higher Impact for Better Teaching and Learning

15 May 2019

Pittsburgh Public School’s Great Expectations: Going Digital on Day One

19 Sep 2018

Broward County Schools: Enabling Learning For All

19 Sep 2018

GA Department of Education: Preparing Students to Learn, Live, and Lead

19 Sep 2018

Grapevine-Colleyville ISD: Gets Digital Day One

19 Sep 2018

There Is No ‘I’ in Interoperability

03 Aug 2018

1EdTech App Note: On the Road to LTI Advantage

26 Feb 2018

Beyond Badges: Open Pathways for Learning

29 Nov 2017

UW-Extension: Breaking the Boundaries of Higher Education with Competency-Based Education

13 Nov 2017

UCF: The Effectiveness of the LTI Integrated Due Date Changer

31 Oct 2017

Blackboard: Commitment Through Partnership

11 Aug 2017

Katy ISD: Harnessing the Abundance of Digital Resources to Efficiently Personalize Learning

11 Aug 2017

Fulton County Schools: Accelerating Personalized Learning With a Plug-and-Play Ecosystem

11 Aug 2017

1EdTech App Note: Resource Efficacy with Caliper Analytics

11 Aug 2017

UCF: Improved Experiences for Faculty and Students

11 Aug 2017

Gwinnett County Public Schools: Creating A Digital Curriculum Ecosystem

20 Apr 2017

A New Learning Model Paired with a New Kind of Transcript—Digital Style

06 Sep 2016

1EdTech App Note: LTI Integration + Caliper Media Event Metric Profile

19 May 2016

Competency-Based Education and Extended Transcripts: 1EdTech Consortium Enabling Better Digital Credentialing

22 Mar 2016

Working Together on Enabling Next Generation Digital Learning Environments (NGDLEs)

29 Jun 2015

PARCC: Leveraging Open Standards to Support Next Generation Online Assessments

09 Jun 2015

Interoperability Standards Helping to Transform the Digital Curriculum

27 Nov 2014

Dutch Board of Examinations (the CvTE) Expanding Interoperability with Adoption of 1EdTech’s Assessment Standards

24 Apr 2014

Today’s Apps Changing Teaching & Learning

14 Apr 2014

What Will Define Tomorrow’s Next Generation Education Technology?, an Interview with Deborah Quazzo

14 Apr 2014

Tackling the Last Frontier. Helping Educators Make Effective Use of Technology

13 Apr 2014

Making Education Smarter – An Interview with Mary Keeling, Manager of Economic Analysis, for IBM’s Smarter Cities Program

11 Mar 2014

Read the Interview with Julie Evans, The Challenge of Educating Today’s Digital Natives

25 Feb 2014

Read the Interview with Ben Nelson, Rethinking the University: A Student-Centered Design

20 Jan 2014

An Integrated Learning Platform Improved with 1EdTech Learning Standards: Desire2Learn (D2L) is a leading supporter for the broad adoption of interoperability standards to enable an open, integrated learning platform for teaching and learning