1EdTech and Unizin Consortium Aligning Efforts to Drive Adoption of Caliper Analytics

Unizin and 1EdTech Consortium are excited to announce a partnership aimed at driving Caliper adoption. 1EdTech is leading the charge when it comes to enabling the collection and exchange of click-stream data across multiple platforms, thus enabling institutions to improve the learning experience through valuable insights. Unizin and 1EdTech are aligned in their goals to provide a vibrant digital teaching and learning ecosystem by promoting adoption of standards, like Caliper Analytics.

Unizin is uniquely situated to help 1EdTech advance methods and practices for driving standards development. Schools don’t need standards to produce an innovative teaching and learning practice. They do need standards to produce an innovative teaching and learning ecosystem. And they do need standards to promote teaching and learning practices that are sustainable and scalable. Unizin can help speed up adoption of the Caliper Analytics standard by Unizin Member institutions. Making standards work for the academy at scale is core to the 1EdTech and Unizin missions.

By working together at 1EdTech quarterly meetings and the annual national meeting, as well as several working group calls, Unizin and 1EdTech will collaborate on developing a Simple Content Use Metric Profile to define the way data is shared using Caliper. This profile will provide a standardized template for each type of learning event, down to the most basic user interactions with course materials.

Unizin’s eText reader and digital content platform, Engage will be one of the first applications to use Caliper once it is 1EdTech certified. This addition will make it easy for schools to track the lifecycle of content used in teaching and learning. Faculty can gain insights into the course as it is happening, instructional designers can see interactions with the content as they are designing, students can get feedback on content use and administrators can view broad content utilization analysis to control costs.

Unizin and 1EdTech will work to collect digital resource event metrics using Engage and the 1EdTech Caliper framework, thus extending LTI®, Learning Information Services (LIS), and QTI® standards. Unizin is committed to requiring that all measurable components of the ecosystem supply Caliper events to relay event data to Unizin and member analytics systems. These include the Learning Platform (Canvas), multimedia systems, learning content/resources, Student Information Systems, etc.

1EdTech can benefit from feedback from the ‘boots on the ground’ faculty and staff at Unizin Member schools. These groups can provide 1EdTech with real-world Caliper applications, validated metric profiles, and feedback from many of Unizin’s R1 Member institutions. In turn, Unizin will be able to offer flexibility and autonomy to Members, and provide a community forum for assessing and using the Caliper standard in the Unizin ecosystem.

Our two respected organizations are looking forward to promoting and advancing the Caliper standard. By working with the community of practice intended to benefit from the infrastructure capabilities, Unizin and 1EdTech enable a development practice tied to real-world value.

Additional details about Caliper can be found here. Additional information about Unizin can be found here.